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Over the past few weeks I've picked up some retail packs lots and a hobby box of this from dacardworld. Here are the general overall results -

1 complete base set
2 complete mini sets
2 base sp's (#117 LeBaron - U.S Marines; #119 Poe - US/British/Honduras Army)

Parallels -
#112 Robert Bleier (Vietnam) Red back/75
#22 Gino Cappelletti (boston) Green back/25
#26 Vincent Lombardi Orange Back/10
#24 Robert Bleier Mini Brown back/75

Autographs -
#A19 Paul Hornung 016/100
#A30 James Otto 055/100
#A16 Toby Gerhart Brown Back 06/50
#A11 Roger Craig Green Back 08/25

Cut Auto -
Don Shula 03/50

Also busted some boxes of 2006 Flair Showcase ( brandon Jennings RC, Peyton Manning Fresh Ink) and some retail pack lots of 2009 Score (Stafford Glossy, stafford 89 glossy)

None of the hits are for trade but i do have plenty of singles available if anyone's after cards. lmk via pm as i don't check the FB boards.
Nice cut auto
It's just unfortunate that obak and showcase aren't listed in the monthly magazine. I'm going by ebay and older sets for prices.
To bad the Rocky Bleier's weren't auto's. still pretty nice.
Me like!
(11-12-2012 08:05 PM)ugameck Wrote: [ -> ]Me like!

what I especially liked about the Obak hobby box is that they are limited to just 1800. Can anyone say highly collectable hobby?
Great stuff! I bought a bunch of that product last year from D&A. I even pulled an auto box-topper. You got a really solid box there!!
The Jim Otto came out of a 24 pack lot, but yeah - i was happy with the break on the Obak.
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