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Is there a way to monitor trends on particular cards? I used to collect as a kid and then didn't buy any cards for probably 10-15 years. Now I'm getting back into it. I see it as a good investment and a fun hobby. Regardless I've been finding a lot of good deals (I buy mostly from Craigslist due to the usually unsearched and underpriced nature of the market, but only if the condition is near mint or better) on cards from the 70s-80s. As you can imagine there are a lot of valuable stars and rookie cards in these years. And I've hit quite a few of them. Almost all of 9s or 10s from BGS standards. Now I just have to start getting them all graded.

What I was wondering is there any way to monitor trends on whether a card is getting more valuable or less valuable over time? For example I have some Kobe Bryant rookie cards. Valuable currently, but they will only go up so I can foresee the trend on that pretty well, unless he totally bombs somehow. But I also have a players like Rod Carew, Thurmon Munson, Carl Yatzrkmenski, and so on. Generally speaking I'd say Hall of Fame players like these will only go up with time. But is that so? I know players tend to trend to one degree or another with some of the greats always in demand of course. Anyways just curious about some input. A couple of rookie cards I have that I was surprised at their value was a pristine Akeem Olajuwon and a surprisingly valuable Randy Johnson. I kind of have a hard time seeing these two go up, and I was already surprised at their value to be honest.

I know Beckett used to have a trending section in the magazines. But I guess I'm more interested in a larger overall look at more than just a Top 10 or something. Granted I know you can monitor prices yourself but it's hard to get a months or years long trend look on those. Thanks!
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