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would you trade a bgs 9 pk subban YG for a john moore CLB Jackets blk diamond 3 diamond rookie card
1/10 . ungraded?
If you are collecting Moore then yes because it's pretty rare and might not get another shot at it. If you don't collect him then I'd stick with the subban
because of the low serial number i would do the trade IF John Moore was a PC player. If you do collect Moore i have a nice patch auto in my org
depends on what do you collect to be honest
As others have mentioned.... if that is a player you like/collect then yes.

If you are just making a trade thinking you are getting a better card in return to make future trades with.. I would stick with the Subban personally.
I agree with the above. There are more than 50 BGS 9 Subban YGs out there for you and more than 130 BGS 9.5s when you decide to replace the Subban. Those numbers are bound to go up but there is and will always be a maximum of 10 of those Moores.
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