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Bored and took my boy for our weekly LCS trip. Not bad overall, 4 hits out of 6 packs! Gotta clean my scanner, makes all the cards look bent Sad

[Image: img416_crop.jpg]
George Rogers

[Image: img415_crop.jpg]
John Cappelletti

[Image: img414_crop.jpg]
Alan Page

[Image: img413_crop.jpg]
LaVon Brazill /350

All FT
Nice hits sir.
(11-10-2012 11:59 PM)mik253 Wrote: [ -> ]Nice hits sir.

Thanks Smile Nothing huge but can't beat 4 hits outta 6 packs!
Nice autos
(11-12-2012 05:08 PM)alstott9adams Wrote: [ -> ]Nice autos

Thanks needing a couple of those. Wink
(11-12-2012 11:47 PM)ricky williams 34 Wrote: [ -> ] needing a couple of those. Wink

which ones?
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