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Full Version: box of certified
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wow...this is definetely my last

i know its 4 auto/game used on average but this is ridiculous....

2 "hits" out of the entire box (and it was a new box)...

Path to the cup jersey /250 and fabric of the game /150

and nothing against the players but i'm lucky if i put this on auction and get over 10.00 for both cards combined....

one is Kevin Shattenkirk

and the other is bj crombeen and antti niemi
a few good hits congrats
ouch sorry
Im interested in the BJ Crombeen if its available
(11-10-2012 07:47 PM)bonnev659 Wrote: [ -> ]a few good hits congrats

lol not sure you read my post....2 hits instead of 4 on a box that cost me 90.00+ definetely isnt good. Anyways i'm going to contact never know
They have been good to me at least when it comes to replacing missing hits.
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