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So as most of you know, I collect Mitch Richmond and Michael Jordan, so picking up a PSA 10 of any Mitch Richmond I don't already have would be awesome.

The only thing better? Picking up an MJ PSA 10 I need, of course.

What could be better than that, you ask?? How bout this:

[Image: jordanrichmondgemmint001.jpg]

Now I just need to figure out with which PC I should store it Smile
nice pickup, i would assume its hard to get a gem mint grade on a sticker.
Nice pickup! Funny how many cards there are with Richmond/Jordan on them together.
The Crash the Games come to mind...
(11-10-2012 09:54 PM)odditycards Wrote: [ -> ]Nice pickup! Funny how many cards there are with Richmond/Jordan on them together.
The Crash the Games come to mind...

There are a bunch. MJ said he was "the best two guard in the game". Not sure if he meant after himself, but after MJ it was a pretty easy sell that Richmond was the best for a 5-6 year stretch in the 90's.

Personally, one of my white whales is that SPx Force card from 96-97 SP I believe with those two and a couple others on it. They always sell for near high BV on the 'bay when they come up and I just can't bring myself to pay that!
I just now noticed this thread..Sad

Awesome man. eBay pick up? I would store it with the MJ stuff as I am
He is the "man in the middle" on there making him the center piece Smile. That's a great card bro. I've never seen that one.
Actually, I think you need to trade it to me as you said you'd give me the low end pistons. Smile Man, now I know one that isn't going to be that easy to get. I forget what mixed retail box I got, but there was one about a year+ ago that had like 4 packs of them stickers in there. Kind of disappointed me.
Yep it was an eBay pickup for sure. I search "jordan richmond" periodically for any cards w/ both of them on it and this one popped up. Guy originally had $80 on it, but I messaged him and got him WAY WAY off of that.

It doesn't even have a bv so I had to kinda go with a number I was comfortable with. Paid $25, but for a rarely seen international card with my two PC guys on it in a PSA 10 that felt good.
As a Jordan collector, I always liked this series:
[Image: STA60023.jpg]
what is that card??? I cannot find it in the database, nor do I have it in my PC, but clearly I need it!!
It's out of the 1997 Upper Deck Jordan Marquee Matchup's set (not listed in Beckett).
[Image: $T2eC16VHJGQE9noM,KSRBQFvDNFGiQ~~60_57.JPG]
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