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I just cracked into a box of these. Here are the hits

Rookie Jersey Autos
Brandon Knight (pistons)
Thomas Robinson (Kings)
These came out of the same pack!!!

Rookie autos
Andrew Nicholson (Magic)
Malcolm Lee (T-Wolves)

Talented twosomes
LeBron and D-Wade

Floor Generals
Jeremy Lin

Inside Presence
Black Griffin

Authentic Threads
Ray Allen

Rookie Jerseys
Enes Kanter
John Jenkins

Vet Jerseys
Scola, Carmelo Anthony, Jason Terry
congrats on the break not bad.....
(11-10-2012 08:57 PM)kevinr Wrote: [ -> ]congrats on the break not bad.....

THank you. Considering I didn't get a Unibrow or Irving I did ok. I am surprised what the BV is on the KNight and Robinson.
nice Andrew Nicholson
Ill take a shot at the T-Rob if its for trade.
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