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I took a trip to the LCS this afternoon. I got a sweet deal on the lot of these blasters. I am updating this as I open them so lets see how I did.
1st Blaster
D Wade GOld team /250
Jason Thompson Certified Potential /500
BJ Mullins Fabric of the Game /250

2nd Blaster
Walt Frazier Certified Champions /500
Kevin Love Certified Potential relic /500
Taj Gibson Fabric of the Game /250
Tyreke Evans Certified potential relic /599

3rd Blaster
Mario Chalmers Certified Potential /500
Russell Westbrook Mirror Gold /25 (card is dog-eared)
Chase Budinger Certified Potential material /599

4th Blaster
Jason Thompson Certified Potential /500
Oscar Roberston Certified Champions Red /250
DeJuan Blair Fabric of the game /250

Note: This is going terribly
5th Blaster
Mario Chalmers Certified Potential /500
Olajuwon Certified Champions /500
Jermaine Taylor Fabric of the Game /250

6th Blaster
Danny Granger Gold Team /500
DeJuan Blair Certified Potential /500
Jeff Teague Certified Potential relic /599

7th Blaster
Kevin Love certified Potential /500

Nevermind. This is just pathetic at this point. Everything is for trade.
Man those blasters huh...
These were just awful. Easily my worst break ever. I don't collect game used at all so this was disastrous
stay far away from blasters if youre really wanting anything of value. that sucks the best hit, westbrook /25 was damaged.
Yeah. I got mauled on this product. I was looking for any of the Curry inserts. For the money spent on the blasters I would have just bought them on the bay. My worst break to date.
That second blaster was loaded - a hot break maybe? You normally only get the one GU per blaster. With ten boxes, you likely came away with the complete regular set. I have a feeling there's no AU's or RC in the blasters even this is the first time I've seen blasters in hobby.
sorry buddy
RJ to the rescue! PM sent!
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