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Full Version: fake card?
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Beckett poped my graded cards yesterday and i noticed one didnt get graded cause they could not tell if its real or.not it was a rickey henderson rookie. I dont have the card back yet but i have another henderson rookoe to compare it to. Im just not happy because the card was in really nice condition and probably would have graded a 8 or better
Sorry to hear that. Beckett can easily tell if it's real and "could not verify authenticity" or however they actually word it, is a nice way of saying it's a fake. Easy way to tell is to look at the Henderson under magnification and compare it to any other authentic card in the set. I'm betting you will see a difference in print quality and pattern.

I just found this about spotting fake Henderson's:

1 - Take a look at the words “Rickey Henderson” at the top of the card on the front. A fake version of this card will have a name that is made of many small dots instead of solid black ink on an original.

2 - On a fake Henderson rookie, a green and white dot pattern will make up the background of the “A’s” logo. On a real version, the green background is a solid color.

3 - A counterfeit Henderson rookie will have a broken circle around the © logo on the back.
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