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Busted a box, here is what I got. All will be for trade ASAP once I add to the org.

Thx, Art

Freeney #ed62/216
[Image: 2012chrome002.jpg]
Peyton #73/399 & Dalton #199/399
[Image: 2012chrome001.jpg]
Sanu Red Zone & Toon Camo #436/499
[Image: 2012chrome003.jpg]
Randle & James Tall Boys
[Image: 2012chrome004.jpg]
RGIII, Luck, Floyd
[Image: 2012chrome005.jpg]
Luck, Martin, James, Miller, Osweiler
[Image: 2012chrome006.jpg]
Brock Osweiler Refractor #58/179
[Image: 2012chrome008.jpg]
Nice break Art.
Thx Charles
What the hell kind of signature is that.......oh yea, nice break......Smile
Man scribble scrabble ! Wish they would take the time to actually sign stuff ! Cool break man
Nice break. I sent you an offer
Boijay, Thx for the trade, Art
not bad, good stuff there
The pink peyton, toon camo and the two lmj's are gone
Interested in Brock but was waiting on pricing.

(11-11-2012 02:14 PM)ahvjr Wrote: [ -> ]The pink peyton, toon camo and the two lmj's are gone
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