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So for those of you that read my last box break post, I just pulled a couple JSY cards and a Kyrie Irving Redemption auto out of a handful of packs Threads and Prestige. I pulled a JSY and and the auto redemption out of threads and JSY card out of the prestige. So today I'm back at the LCS to grab some supplies and decided to try my hand again. The owner had opened the box of Prestige for me last time and I was the only one that had bought any so I knew there were still some autos left to be had. I bought 3 packs of Prestige and 1 pack of threads. I pulled the Kendall Marshall Auto out of the first pack of Prestige I opened (nothing else worth mentioning). After that pull I decided to grab a few more, 3 packs of threads and 2 prestige. This time I pulled the Melo auto. SOOOOO not MAJOR hits but out of the 5 Prestige packs I bought today I managed to pull both autos. Everything is available for trade!

[Image: 35_zps14c7b0ee.jpg]
Well done there! You cleaned up shop, haha
Zakthirty3 is way into Celtics autos, you should hook up with him for the Melo.
(11-10-2012 12:14 AM)vgqv Wrote: [ -> ]Well done there! You cleaned up shop, haha

Yeah the only downside is I'm like the only person who buys Basketball so now there is a near full box of Prestige with no Autos left I pulled two autos and a jsy out of the prestige and an auto and a jsy out of the Threads. I'm Pretty sure I cleaned the hits out but I don't know how many autos are in a box of threads. So no more packs for me for awhile, guess I'll have to buy a box or maybe some hot packs on the bay.
(11-10-2012 02:42 AM)rjcj2017 Wrote: [ -> ]Zakthirty3 is way into Celtics autos, you should hook up with him for the Melo.

Thanks for the heads up, Zakthirty3 and I have been in negotiations before just couldn't reach a deal. I will have to let him know, and see if he's interested. Thanks again!
The standard box of Threads has three autos.
Thanks JM! I will be going back Monday to try my luck out again on the threads!
Nice hits
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