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I don't understand some of the prices that these are fetching. Aren't they stickers? Someone enlighten me.

$145 ???
[Image: $(KGrHqNHJEIFBoSs1KIEBQhDL(Wv,w~~60_57.JPG]
(11-09-2012 12:28 AM)dleifriaf Wrote: [ -> ]Someone enlighten me.
Only you can enlighten you, we can at best only show you the way to enlightenment.

That said, lol, they do seem a bit pricey in comparison to other cards. Then again they do have a relative low print run and this one appears to be on-card.
Yeah, I agree. That look OC to me, but there is a chance not all in the set are OC, some may be stickers.
I was watching that card and I bid on it but once it got past what I was willing to pay I let it go, another different auto of him will come up later. Most likely a celtic collector with big pockets buying for pc or a collector needing it for their set.
it's not just this card though... a lot of cards from this set are going for redonkulous prices
low numbered, oncard autos, and its a hof set. alot of collectors like these type of sets.
There have been a few of the Bill Waltons that have sold for around $20. But they are #ed to 99. My guess would be 2 or 3 people are trying to put the set together so as soon as they pop up they're bidding each other up. But I noticed the Sam Jones has sold twice lately on ebay the other one went for $80 something but the same member bought both. That is interesting.
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