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Full Version: How is this fair?
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The other day I posted a thread stating that I had managed to complete a rainbow of 2010 TRISTAR Obak Jeff Kobernus cards. This is not a rant about accomplishing that feat, but rather a rant expressing my feelings about what happened not long after I hit the BIN button.

I purchased said card for $19.99. The eBay seller had a listing for two of the same card. Not more than 6 hours after I purchased my card for $19.99, the price of the remaining card was lowered to $6.99, a $15.00 reduction.

Do I have a right to be upset, or is this just part of doing business on eBay?? I personally feel that this is unfair. If I was a seller on eBay and was selling two of the same item, I would never even consider lowering the price immediately of the remaining item after the first was sold. If neither item sold at first at the original set price, then I would do a price reduction, but certainly not in the manner that the seller I purchased off of did.
he was looking to get rid of them. he probably lowered alot of his remaining items to get rid of them. it happens alot on there, you just happened to buy before the time he set to decrease the prices. i can see where in your case you would be a little upset but its business. just chalk it up to the law of averages. you can buy alot of stuff well below value but sometimes you have to pay value or a little more.
Nothing unfair about it at all. Bad timing that you could in no way have known about but not unfair. Happens all the time in business. You could go to a store, purchase item X, and the next day it's marked down for clearance. Just the way things work.
Sounds like the seller might have left some money on the table with the 2nd sale. If your happy with the card i would say no reason to be upset. Unfortunately Ebay isnt like Walmart where you can take it back and get it for the sale price withing so many days Smile.
It happens in other places too. Bought a PS3 game a couple years for $40 at the local Gamestop and the very next day the price dropped to $20. I wasn't thrilled but just dealt with it. Unfortunately you had bad timing as did I.
How is it not fair?
Another theory,
He bought 2 for $X got Y for card 1 and only needed to get Z to break even. unfortunate that you paid Y instead of Z but it is in no way unfair.
The only other option would be to just message the seller and ask for a partial refund, be polite and thank him for letting you complete your rainbow and then just ask because he lowered the price on the second quantitied item, if he would consider sending a small amount back. ask for $5.
Might say yes probably will say no. but its worth a shot.

Congrats on completing the rainbow!
Seller can sell his cards for the price he wants. You needed the card, wanted the card and paid I guess what you thought was a fair price. Because he decides to sell another for less doesnt make it unfair. Sucks you paid the higher price but that is life. A cards value is really only what someone is willing to pay for it.
Just bad timing. He probably wanted to get rid of the rest, as griffey man 1 said. But, nonetheless, congrats on finishing your rainbow!
Yea, I know what you gues mean I also collect Hot Wheels and when Target does there yearly toy resets it goes 30% then 50% and finaly 70%. It stinks when you buy an item at on level and it is still there when the next round of markdows occur.
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