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So, Once again, I'm bored. I'm getting down to the cards that i have to hunt down and i'm doing so, but as always, shout out for

2009-10 Upper Deck Champ's cards. If you have them? Post on here and i'll search your org! i'll do the leg work. I want these cards.

Thank you kindly
Hugs and kisses
Check My Organize, just added a bunch
I actually have a ton of these, what exactly are you collecting from this set? I've got jerseys, minis (a couple hundred) yellow, red and green parallels, etc., let me know what you're putting together and I'll see what I have.
open offer sent.
@bruinsfan - Doing a master set. I sent you a pm. I've got everything on an excel sheet of what i need, what i have, etc.
Sounds good, I'll let you know what I have, add it all to the org, and hopefully offload it for a nice piece of trade bait, haha.
Okay, opened alot a few days ago slowly getting everything on there that is not base blue or green.
check my PB though, i do have all the pics up already and the ORG should be about set.
I checked your org and only saw 1 champ's card in there?
I have a bunch in my org. LMK, thanks.
I think I've got a bunch of extras too, and more on the way. I'll let you know this weekend.

sent an open offer to you skyhawk.
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