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I am down to ONE cheap insert card as I come ever closer to finishing my epic Topps Chrome quest, so I am not fooling around anymore and willing to offer $12.00 DLVD to the first person that can track this card down for me:

1996 Topps Chrome 40th Anniversary Retro #25 - Jeff Hostetler

The card must be the non-refractor version (plenty of refractors I could go pick up), but the card itself books at around $1.25, so this is a KILLER deal for anyone that might have the card (and yes, I have sent out trade offers to the people listing that in their HAVES section on the site). If you have one or know how to track one down, please hit me up and collect your reward. Thanks!
Still on the lookout for this card, please let me know if you can track one down!!!
Daily bump to track this one down!!!
Up top for the day, let's find this one!!!
Have you tried hitting up any Raiders fans?
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