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Warning : I ramble on for a bit, skip down if you don't really care..

Received a mailer yesterday that I was clueless about! I could see from the return addy it was from our friends at Upper Deck... thought "I don't have any redemptions out there, do I??" Turns out these were REPLACEMENTS I had asked for a LOONG time ago, that finally made their way thru the process.

I was waiting on 2 really lousy football redemptions from 2009 (yes, that 2009 that happened 3 years ago) that I really didn't care whether they made them or not. Well, I called UD a while back about some missing hits from a box I opened, and brought this up while I actually had a living person on the line. The guy was all "no probs, what do you want instead" for them. The rest of the conversation went like this :

"Well, does it have to be football?"

"No, you can go for another sport that we make."

"Cool, how about hockey?"

"SURE! Anything specific, team, or player?'

"WEll, I know this is when everybody always says they want Gretzky, Howe, Lemieux, Crosby, ETC...Patch-auto-shield-fightstrap cards, but I'm not going to do that to you"


I'd just really like something cool for either SABRES, because I'm a homer, or Tampa Bay, I'd just steer you in that direction and leave it there, cool?"

"No prob, I'll see what's in the system and it will be out in a few weeks."

Well, here they are, I don't care too much about value because BELIEVE ME, the cards these are replacing would have been dollar box material :

[Image: 121106_0002.jpg]

[Image: 121106_0004.jpg]

Thank You UD for getting these out to me!
Nice pickups!! Good job by UD. By the way, if either of those are available, check me!
Not bad at all! Congrats on the replacements, you shouldn't have any trouble moving them, I'm pretty sure there are at least a couple of die-hard bolts fans on the board.
Holy cow! Those are some sweet replacement cards. Congrats on acquiring integrity from Upper Deck! Haha!

Awesome replacement cards. Seems UD is stepping up thier CS dept.
Sweet vinny would love a shot at the rookie review check my bucket
Wow, those are incredible replacement cards! It was worth the wait.
very sweet rookie review!!
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