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I have been working on an autograph project. I am trying to get a hard signed autograph of a player wearing each number from 1-99. I have been trying to make the player one of the best to wear that number and if possible to be shown wearing that number but hard to do with some older players.

Anyway here is the progress so far:

#1 - Bower
[Image: th_1.jpg]

#2 - Leetch
[Image: th_2.jpg]

#3 - Howell
[Image: th_3.jpg]

#4 - Orr
[Image: th_4.jpg]

#5 - Lidstrom
[Image: th_5.jpg]

#7 - Lindsay
[Image: th_7.jpg]

#8 - Selanne
[Image: th_8.jpg]

#9 - Richard
[Image: th_9.jpg]

#11 - Messier
[Image: th_11.jpg]

#12 - Iginla
[Image: th_12.jpg]

#14 - Shanahan
[Image: th_14.jpg]

#20 - Robitaille
[Image: th_20.jpg]

#22 - Bossy
[Image: th_22.jpg]

#23 - Hejduk
[Image: th_23.jpg]

#25 - Nieuwendyk
[Image: th_25.jpg]

#27 - Hextall
[Image: th_27.jpg]

#29 - Fleury
[Image: th_29.jpg]

#30 - Brodeur
[Image: th_30.jpg]

#31 - Fuhr
[Image: th_31.jpg]

#33 - Roy
[Image: th_33.jpg]

#34 - Vanbiesbrouck
[Image: th_34.jpg]

#35 - Esposito
[Image: th_35.jpg]

#36 - Jokinen
[Image: th_36.jpg]

#37 - Kolzig
[Image: th_37.jpg]

#39 - Hasek
[Image: th_39.jpg]

#40 - Zetterberg
[Image: th_40.jpg]

#41 - Halak
[Image: th_41.jpg]

#44 - Pronger
[Image: th_44.jpg]

#48 - Young
[Image: th_48.jpg]

#53 - Morris
[Image: th_53.jpg]

#60 - Theodore
[Image: th_60.jpg]

#64 - McGinn
[Image: th_64.jpg]

#77 - Bourque
[Image: th_77.jpg]

#78 - Pouliot
[Image: th_78.jpg]

#80 - Weeks
[Image: th_80.jpg]

#82 - Straka
[Image: th_82.jpg]

#87 - Crosby
[Image: th_87.jpg]

#88 - Lindros
[Image: th_88.jpg]

#89 - Mogilny
[Image: th_89.jpg]

#93 - Gilmour
[Image: th_93.jpg]

#94 - Smyth
[Image: th_94.jpg]

#95 - Morozov
[Image: th_95.jpg]

#96 - Holmstrom
[Image: th_96.jpg]

#97 - Roenick
[Image: th_97.jpg]

Thanks for any comments.

Wow great project, wonder what it would look like framed.
Wow, thats a cool collection! Nice work! I don't have any kicking around that i can send your way, but ill keep my eyes open!
(11-05-2012 10:49 PM)bluefrozencanuck Wrote: [ -> ]Wow great project, wonder what it would look like framed.

That is the end goal...11 rows of 9 cards....each slot will be 4"x4" and double matted with the second matting of each spot being adjustable to hold a horizontal or vertical card.

Not sure how it will all come together but this is the goal.

Can't wait to see the end product, I will look for the missing numbers at the next mall show as well as the local cs is having a trade day never know what will show up.
Very impressive. I will keep an eye out for you at the Expo. And thanks for giving me an idea on how to frame my cards.
Amazing collection, Scott! Congrats on the massive progress thus far!

Great idea, and an awesome collection of cards! Keep us posted on your progress, and let me know if I can help!
you're missing #10..Guy Lafleur perhaps...!!!
Awesome idea for a collection and should make a sweet display piece framed up like that.

It's too bad number 84 was taken a fewyears ago for the first time. It'd could have been funny to have an emptly slot.
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