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Full Version: 2013 Ginter autos
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I know it is a long way away (next July) and Topps hasn't even put out a preview, but who do you want to have signatures in Ginter? I have to go with U.S. Olympic gold medalists from the London Games who didn't have autos in the Olympic set and Mel Brooks.
on twitter about a month ago they had people try to tweet stars asking them to sign...

I would love to see Eric Legrand be in the autograph set
(I have heard and read a news article that he can sign, but i would imagine him getting tired quickly)
I agree, I would like to see Eric LeGrand autos, too.
Felix Baumgartner would be great.
(11-06-2012 05:30 AM)Ziveus101 Wrote: [ -> ]Usain Bolt and Selena Gomez autos would be great.

Bolt would be a little late of the hype. A Michael Jackson DNA card would be crazy and a Bieber Auto. Honey Boo Boo? that seems to be the crazy
how about, i dont know, more baseball players. how about a "players of the 80's" auto set? murphy, schmidt, dawson, etc
I'd like to see Will Clark, and I have a strong hunch he will be in '13 A&G and possibly in GQ as well.
Another I'd like to see is Mark Grace, the weird stuff I don't guess at, I like the surprises Smile
I think a Billy Graham auto or someone like Jackie Chan would rock.
I know it's a relic but who would be this years balloon boy?
Troy Landry. Choot'em!!
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