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I'm pretty sure this is the first basketball box that I have ever bought. I buy packs a lot, but never boxes. I got a pretty good deal on this box, so I thought I'd get it. Pretty glad I did.

The rookie metal redemption is Pick 8- Terrence Ross
The rookie Auto redemption is XRCBB - Bismack Biyombo

The Dirk auto looks like it was a pretty big hit, I hardly see any of his autos on ebay and when they are they seem to be going for a lot of money. Anyone have any idea on how much I can get for it if I were to sell? I don't dabble in basketball too much, so I'm not syre how stuff sells.

[Image: photo2.jpg]
The way to go is to look up recent sales of these, or something similar to figure a good sale price.
Can you check me for the Ibaka?
nice box!!!! i think the dirk auto would go for around $100 in an auction due to it being a sticker auto.
Not bad congrats
You should look up Ninjoker, he's a huge Mavs and Dirk PC guy ...
That Dirk is pretty awesome congrats
Id love a shot at the bISMACK AUTO.
nice. i'd say that's a hundred dollar bill on ebay. if you have any interest in trading i'd be interested. don't really have any baseball except some ip auto balls and stuff.
Sweet pull on the Dirk!
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