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Full Version: Leaf Cut Signature
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Was at Walmart and thought I would try one of these....not unhappy. It's for trade if interested.

[Image: 77269F23-8A90-47D9-9138-86E32563F91A-630...9F2F76.jpg]
Nice pull man! You can't complain about a HOF'er.
Hall of Famer auto for 20 bucks, you got a good box.
Cool pull.
I wouldn't be unhappy with Bob Feller either. not bad.
Nice! Wish I had some Reds to trade for that.
They're 30 bucks, but still not bad. Every card I've seen out of this product is at least someone worth pulling, either players who have not signed much for card companies or some great names. Lots of players you've never heard of, but when you look them up you realize that they were pretty darn good players who've just been forgotten. Feller is much better than that, very nice card! It really is worth opening up a couple. If nothing else you'll learn some baseball history and have a nice auto of someone who probably does not have many certified autos.
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