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Full Version: So I broke down....
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After 12-13 years of not collecting, having nothing to do with football cards whatsoever, I find myself sitting around gawking at some cards that Donruss just Released "The new passing the torches?" I mean Manning/Brees... Manning/elway... Manning/Luck.. Really?! my god.. Now I know I own one of the most sought after Passing the torch cards there is, The walter/sanders auto. But that doesn't stop me from wanted one of these new ones.

Back to my point.. Me, in all my infinite years of wisdom, broken down and bought two boxes, after not buying a single card since 2000..

Whats wrong with me? j/k.. don't answer that, im sure we all have the same problem here! =P
Congrats!!!! They also made a Manning/Marino in 2005
That torch card you have is gorgeous. I haven't bought any boxes this year and probably won't. Last time I bought more then two boxes in a year was 2006. For me I'm all about trading
Welcome back what u get out of the boxes?
welcome back to the hobby. Box breaking is addicting.
I havent gotten the boxes in yet.. Got a great deal off of ebay for two unopened boxes.. When i get them in ill do a box break for you guys! Here hoping for the manning/luck lol Tongue
That Payton/Sanders is my holy grail.
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