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Went the cheap route this time at my LCS, according to Beckett it at least paid for itself. Will trade all, thanks.


Marcel Dionne Black Rainbow /100
Carter Ashton Black Rainbow /100
Staffan Kronwall GU
Keith Kinkaid Auto
Ray Emery GU /70
Steve Downie auto
Not a bad break. 4 color Emery. Did you get some BTP too? LOL
Yeahhh a few packs here and there. Forgot it was in there. I have yet to hit big in that set.
Nice emery
Some pretty nice stuff! Congrats!

nice hits

06-07 is a nice product
Sweet!! 06-07 ITG H&P is my most favorite-ist product of all time!!
what do you want for the carter ashton thanks. Nice break nice emery
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