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Looking to move these, looking for mostly braves- specifically guys in my signature, and Jason Heyward. Also would be interested in GU or auto trade bait for baseball. Thanks!

Base & Insert GQ minis
[Image: gypsyqueen2012baseninsertminis.jpg]

GQ Back
[Image: gypsyqueen2012gypsyqueenminis.jpg]

Straight Cut Back
[Image: gypsyqueen2012straightcutminis.jpg]

Variation Minis
[Image: gypsyqueen2012VARminis.jpg]

Ginter Minis
[Image: Ginter2012minis.jpg]

Teixeira EXT mini
[Image: AG2012EXTteixiera.jpg]
Offer Sent.
(11-03-2012 08:15 PM)JMarchand1981 Wrote: [ -> ]Offer Sent.

Sorry man, didn't see anything.
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