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free, plus shipping...

So I have a bunch of base card I dont want to just throw out. If anyone has a need for them I can box and ship them. I would just ask that you cover shipping. They would be getting mailed from Connecticut. First one gets them.

PM Sent
Any full or almost full topps sets?
the only near complete set of topps is 1995, but I would not just give it away as it is almost 100% complete. I would trade it away though. I would need to take the cost of shipping into consideration though as the box would be heavy. LMK if your interested.

lmk what is missing and what you want, I might be interested.
I might be interested in your Cardinals let me know what you got and how much?
Hey all, not going to be able to dig in to this until the weekend but will try to respond as soon as I can. Thanks for your interests!
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