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Nothing overly exciting here, just some new stuff I've picked up along the way. Plenty more FT in my org too. Please send open offers if you see anything you'd like.

[Image: seaverblockbusterspatch.jpg]

[Image: darvishblockbusterspatch.jpg]

[Image: smoltzblockbusterspatch.jpg]

[Image: fitzgeraldcaptainpatch.jpg]

[Image: waldenauto.jpg]

[Image: spahnhistoricalstitches.jpg]

[Image: harrissterlingauto.jpg]

[Image: tulowitzki2010purple.jpg]

[Image: hunternumberpatch.jpg]

[Image: clarkiconsgu.jpg]

[Image: pencepatch.jpg]

[Image: hosmerbowmanblue.jpg]

[Image: petersonshaneblueauto.jpg]

[Image: lowrie11agjersey.jpg]
Updated and bumped
Got a few done - would love to do a few more
Offer sent on Pence
I might would want the Smoltz and Spahn if you want to PM me later, thanks
offer sent
Offer sent....
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