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Would you reveal yourself? Feeling lucky?
It was obvious - but I cleaned up the trail by hitting 5 stars on some, and 1 star on others....
Well let's hear it who is it.
who was it? i noticed they made one of my ongoing 5 star threads down to a 2 star rating. so thanks for that whoever you are.
Are you green with envy? Feeling lucky?
Man if this is a riddle I'll never find out, I suck at riddles
I love riddles but I need more hints.
Oh, and nobody else rate the threads - you can only rate once. Lets see if my theory is correct. Don't vote!
I would love to hear who you think it is. Mine get 1star all the time even though ive just started to ignore it.
Check your pm
(11-02-2012 08:28 PM)ugameck Wrote: [ -> ]Check your pm

i NEED a PM too Georgia! Pllllllease???
Smile i have my thoughts on this
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