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Full Version: 2012 Gridiron
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So, my wife is nice enough, and she still let's me break about a box a month even while unemployed. (I was actually considering starting a case breaking group as a job for fun, at least then I can open cards at someone else's expense and send out the stuff).

Anyways, I like the looks of the cards (did a great job on capturing pictures on the cards of the players). I also tend to like inserts, and when you get 14 inserts it's a good day. Finally, I thought for sure it would be like R&S where you get two autos & two memorabilia cards. But hey, I can't complain about getting FOUR autos! Smile

The damage:

Rookies (3 out of 5 rating)...good quantity, poor players, not even once decent rookie

Bobby Wagner, Ladarius Green, Mike Martin, Davin Meggett, Tim Benford, Eric Page, Ronnell Lewis, Janoris Jenkins, Ryan Lindley, Dan Herron, DeAngelo Peterson, Chandler Jones, Marvin Jones, Tommy Streeter, Cyrus Gray, Najee Goode, Michael Smith, Fletcher Cox

Inserts (3 out of 5 rating)... good quantity, wish there were more rookie inserts vs just veteran players, good looking cards with the red metallic writing

"Air Command" - Dez Bryant, Miles Austin
"Monday Night Heroes" - Philip Rivers, Victor Cruz
"Arms Race" - Matt Cassel, Carson Palmer
"Crash Course" - Adrian Clayborn, Sean Weatherspoon, JJ Watt (Silver /250)
"Gold X's /100" - Andy Dalton, Doug Baldwin
"Silver X's /250" - Jonathan Martin, Leonard Hankerson, Arian Foster

Finally the hits... granted, I didn't get any patches/jsy cards but it's hard to beat getting 4 autos...

Worst to Best:
#1) Davin Meggett (HOU Practice squad) 114/499
#2) Zach Brown (TEN) 352/499
#3) Harrison Smith (MIN) 329/499
#4)... finally a doozie.... Granted, I would trade it in a heartbeat for a few other players like Brees, or Manning or Manning...

suck part, it's a redemption... Gridiron Signatures PHILIP RIVERS /15! Smile

Yea! I'll hold it for trade for a week if something good comes in. Thanks for looking. I'll get pictures up soonest.
Awesome on the Rivers, this has always been my gripe with Gridiron Gear, it is very hard to pull an Rc of a well known guy.
You did get two first round draft picks who are starters (admittedly defensive linesmen) - but Chandler Jones has 6 sacks and 3 forced fumbles for the Patriots so that sounds like a better than decent rookie to me. Fletcher Cox is also a first round draft pick starter for the Eagles.

You also got a first round starter auto in Harrison Smith

So i wouldn't complain about not getting any decent rookies from the way the Panini boxes i've seen are going. Getting two base guys who were starters and first round draft picks seems to be better than average (even if they are defensive linesmen)

And nice Rivers!
Nice redemption
I am interested in the Chandler Jones if it is FT.
Nice rivers congrats
Wow, a redemption card. . . from PANINI??? Who would have guessed?

i do like Gridiron for that reason - you pull lesser known rookies and every once in a while, a Victor Cruz comes along
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