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Full Version: October winner!!
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how cool is this. been entering everyday for the month of october, and the one prize that i wanted came true.

You have won 2012 SAGE HIT Autographs Gold #A10 Robert Griffin III #'d/250.

even though this is a baseball thread, i wanted to share this with all. i guess u do win on here!!!
congrats Joe!!
that is really cool!
Thanks all!! Don't know what the value is since I don't collect football cards. But I will take
Good job, that is an awesome card. I could be the only one entering and not win anything!!!!
dang man! thats awesome and an awesome card too!
try not to post this in the box breaks section but cool Smile
thanks once again. and yeah, i wasnt sure where to post it. sorry.
Thats awesome, man! You should go pick up a few boxes at your LCS, today just might be your lucky day!
I just looked up the BV. You'll be VERY happy!!!
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