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Made a deal with Bob for his Thurman Thomas /5 (what a beauty!) and got all of these:
[Image: Thurman.jpg]

[Image: Ramsfromroadrunner.jpg]

And then I came back home from Oregon to MORE MAIL!
Got these for the pc:
[Image: Rams.jpg]

And I have Rams in the BCCG and in my end of the trade was sent these:::
[Image: Rams-1.jpg]
[Image: Rams2.jpg]
[Image: Rams3.jpg]
[Image: Rams4.jpg]
Sweet stuff Smile
thats a nice thomas kelly, great adds to the pc!!!
Thanks guys-yeah that Thomas is SWEET!
very good week!
Love the Thomas wondering where it went.
Great haul! That Thomas is sweet!
Well, you know that's a sweet Thurman. Congrats! And that Pettis Mirror Gold patch is awesome too!
I thought the Pettis was pretty darn cool. It's the first card like that that I own! Got that in the BCCG from Uwash...
Glad they made it safely.....sorry Justin Wink
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