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So, last night I notice a 2007 Topps Troy Tulowitzki auto just sitting out on the open on my counter. It's not unheard of for me to leave a card or two around, but I had definitely never seen the card before. So, I asked my wife where it came from and she said she "found it" in a (sealed) envelope sitting in a basket in our mudroom. -I didn't see the envelope, but she said it was from June. So, obviously, it was from some long-forgotten trade. In any event, I was pleasantly surprised by this find, but also reminded that weird little things can happen with mail.

-In any event, although I have no recollection of ever trading for the card (and didn't even know I was missing it), I'm glad I didn't cause a stink over something that was ultimately my own fault. If I had to guess, I'd say that it probably arrived while I was out of town at the end of June attending my buddy's wedding. -I must've either set it aside before I left, or someone just stuck it in the basket.

If anyone's interested it's a 2007 Topps ('06) Highlights card. There is some slight wear on the edges. I can provide a scan if you'd like. I'd be looking for comparable Verlander/Cabreara/Stanton/Avisail Garcia.

=On a side note, I'm in very limited trade mode right now due to some home renovations being underway. Most of my $10+ cards are accessible, but I won't be able to unpack the rest of my cards until the weekend (at the earliest).
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