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Full Version: WTG Phillies_joe!!!!
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So, I started a thread to collect some cards to give to unfortunate kids during the Christmas holiday (I might increase it to year round). I've received some really good interest in it and just got my second donation in the mail today. I know he didn't do it for the recognition, but this is above and beyond in my book. Take a look at what PhilliesJOE sent me for the project!

[Image: IMG_0186_zpsc8eb22d4.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0193_zpsca7651c7.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0194_zpsc26db4aa.jpg]

If you're interested in helping out, some supplies to help package cards would be great! To learn more please go to the original thread:

Thanks again Phillies_joe. What a generous donation!

Great job Phllies_Joe! But great job by you too, sfreinker, for putting this all together. I have extra 9 pockets and boxes, so which do you need as I can send them along with my donation. I also have superfluous team bags and small manila envelopes.
If by superfluous team bags, you mean clear bags, I think I'd like to use those. Any of those that you can provide would be great. Thanks!
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