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Full Version: guess the grade
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Was going to send this to psa for grading. what grade do you think it would crossover at?

[Image: williemaysbvg.jpg]
What's the back look like?

Just going on the front, I'd say VG to VG-EX.
[Image: williemaysbvgback.jpg]
Either a PSA 6 or a 7.
ny- i wish it would grade that high but looking at the edges and corners i was thinking a 5. got it for 1350
I was saying that because PSA is usually about a point or so more lenient than BVG.
it seems like every time i try to crossover a card to psa from bvg its always a grade less which sucks
That's weird, it is always the other way around for me. I hope this one is higher for you.
Yeah, when I cross PSA 10 Nolan Ryans over, I get some BGS 9.5's and BGS 9's. This last time out of 10 PSA 10's, I got 8 BGS 9.5's, 1 BGS 9 and 1 that didn't cross. The time before that, 4 PSA 10's didn't cross.

Anywho, I'll guess 6.5
Assuming that's a wax stain/spot on the back? I'll stick with the VG to VG/EX, though take all of our opinions with a grain of salt since we can't really get a good look at the surface.

I'd also be curious, are you going to pop it and send raw or send it in the slab?
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