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Wife was at Wally World and spotted a sweet Cannon scanner for $29 (orig $38). She bought it for me so I could stop taking photos with my 4S and having an absurd amount of photos on my phone lol Smile I thought it was really awesome of her to do this. Hopefully this will also help me sell some cards as well Wink

Grabbed a few random cards to scan to try it out, let me know what you guys think. (note: I resized them so the scans would be friends to the forum page)

[Image: BurnettGold.jpg]
[Image: McCutchenFinest.jpg]
[Image: triplethreadsbase_0001.jpg]
[Image: BurnettPatches.jpg]
[Image: minorposey.jpg]

[Image: MikeMorseRainbow.jpg]

The Scanner/Printer is a Cannon Pixma MG2120. For $29 I think it does a decent job scanning. What do you guys think? Plus I'm also excited I FINALLY have a printer at home so I can print labels off through Pay-Pal so I or my no longer have to stop at the post office anymore after work to mail stuff out! Smile Woop! Woop!
it's a basic all in one for what you're doing. Working at a tech company it is everything you need. Sometimes people buy these 250$ scanner only machines because it really does make pictures better but why? no idea. Odds are if you bought a $100 all in one, you may have the same resolution scanner just different features for printing. You def received a good deal man.

but for baseball cards and a decent printer...not to mention $29 !!! I will say you are for sure Charlie Sheen and "Winning!"
Nice scans. If you want to trade that Hamels I would be very interested.
Same scanner i use! good choice.
:\ I wish I had one of these sent to Mikarlo instead of shipping my old one. It cost just a little less for shipping alone.
Nice know anyone who would be interested in buying my gu Cutch bat?
Nice got this aj if intrested shoot me a pm I not on the baseball board much
[Image: 039.jpg]
[Image: 040.jpg]
That seems to be a wonderful scanner and for the price, you got a steal! Shipping thru paypal is a great convenience too especially if you have a good regular mailman, sorry mail person Smile
(10-29-2012 08:35 AM)Krangry Wrote: [ -> ]Same scanner i use! good choice.

Nice!! Any secrets I should know about this? Lol.

Thanks everyone for the compliments Smile

I'm interested in the Burnett card!

Jim- for the right price I may buy it from you.
(10-29-2012 06:15 AM)phillies816 Wrote: [ -> ]Nice scans. If you want to trade that Hamels I would be very interested.

Pm Sent Smile
Wondering how the scans look on a BGS slabbed card (or in a thicker one-touch type holder)? That's the one area where I think my scanner lacks.
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