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Full Version: Some New Stuff FT
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Most of this is stuff I haven't posted before, but there's lots more in my org too. Let's make some deals, cheers.

[Image: tradethread1.jpg]
Trout and Middlebrooks are refractors.
[Image: tradethread2.jpg]
[Image: tradethread3.jpg]
Check me for the redemption ethier kemp kershaw and the blue trout. plz
I'm interested in the Machado and Trout cards. Please check me. Thanks!
Also interested in the Machado, Harper UD USA Star, and Rizzo.

Open offer sent.
Open offer sent
Also interested in the Harpers.
Check me for trout and Harper as well
check me for all harpers please
I could definitely use the 2010 Bowman USA Harper, Check me, thanks!
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