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Im looking to trade these few basketball cards that i have;
2009-10 Upper Deck Ricky Rubio RC
2009-10 Upper Deck Blake Griffin RC
2009-10 Upper Deck Stephen Curry RC
2009-10 Upper Deck Now Appearing Michael Jordan
2009-10 Upper Deck Dual Game Materials Maggette/Bosh
2009-10 Upper Deck Dual Game Materials Anthony/McGrady
2010 Sp Authentic Michael Jordan Supreme Court Common MJ4
2010 Sp Authentic Rick Majerus Sign Of Times Auto
2010 Sp Authentic Bill Sharman By The Letter " M " Auto

also i have a 2009 Upper Deck Jordan Brand Classic GU Devin Ebanks card that i do not have listed in my org but will throw it in for free to whoever i trade my basketball to first! Im looking for San Francisco Giants cards, im looking to trade these for 1/3 of the BV off so please somebody with giants cards for trade who want these send some offers
I'm interested in them. Don't think I have any baseball left that would interest you though. lmk
Check me for them.
Check me to see if you like anything. Also check my bucket:
Ill give you guys a look
check my org for this one

2009-10 Upper Deck Now Appearing Michael Jordan
Did you ever check my bucket?
anybody today?
Check me, I'm interested in the Griffin or Ebanks if still available.
one last try to move them all
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