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Full Version: COMC letdown
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I had ordered a 2010 A&G NNO of Mark Teixeira that I need for my set (it's getting tough to find the last 25 cards as you can imagine) and I opened the package today and they freakin sent me the base Teixeira mini #158.
I am so disappointed! I've only just sent them a message about it so we'll see how they handle it.
It's a good idea to take advantage of COMC scanning the front and back of all cards on the site by checking to make sure before buying. It doesn't excuse the ID mistake but this is a perfect example of why they do it.

I'm sure Jen, Nathan, or Norbert will get it resolved for you. It might not get you the card but you will get refunded, at the very least under the current no questions asked 7 day return policy. It's not a guarantee but in this case they may simply refund you without requiring a return.
Yea, they are pretty good about that kind of thing, as pacrim said
It has happened to me before. I had all the 2009 Starquest Tim Lincecum except the common, so I bought for the fun of it, 50 cents, but they sent me the uncommon blue instead. While pacrimcolectibles makes a good point, the scan was of the common (which is what I wanted) in my case.
Or quit possibly the wrong card was pulled, it happens not often but does. It happened to a friend of mine, they took care of it really quick. Like the two other replies said COMC is really reliable.
Frustrating... hey pete BTW do you still need the Jacoby Ellsbury NNO mini from 2012 ginter?

(10-28-2012 05:04 PM)jacobystealshome Wrote: [ -> ]Yea, they are pretty good about that kind of thing, as pacrim said

Never used COMC but good to hear the customer service is great
Ive bought over 300 cards frm comc and never had any issues with anything...... However its good to know they worry about their customer service that way.
I have had very good experiences with COMC. In all the orders I've placed only 1 cards was sent wrong and they refunded me with no hassles. Of course I would have rather had the card, but they were very prompt with the refund.
I hope they will be good about your card.
Just got the reply, they will refund me but they don;t have the card that I wanted, bummer but happy with the quick refund. So I still need a Mark Teixeira NNO from 2010 for my set if anyone happens to have one Smile
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