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Full Version: Purchased a HUGE Lot
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I don't do baseball really at all but I was at the local shop the other day and he had a deal i couldn't pass up..2 full 3 row boxes all rookies extended rookies and a few inserts..I had to take it for the price i paid and figured I'd try here if anyone might be interested? I don't wanna list everything and i'm only about a quarter of the way through sorting and so far only done the heritage stuff really..haven't found nothing crazy but a few SP's that book $5 a few Brennan Boesch that book $8 Napoli that booked $6 rest were mainly common set filler rookies and a few $1-$3 rookies I can probably list everything if I'm gonna make a bunch of deals will trade in your favor a bit since I got it for such a great deal. lmk here and I can start listing a few of the sets I already sorted out later on. Thanks
let me know if you run across any Royals -thanks
I'd be interested in the cardinals
Ok guys I'll list some ASAP
added about 100 so far adding more as we speak hope to get 2-300 more added before the end of the night
Id like a shot at any dodgers rookies A's rookies, and baltimore o's as well
Please keep me in mind if you stumble across any 92-96 jeter cards. Thanks!!!
Tigers please.
300+ cards added so far this lot isn't half bad I was expecting a bunch of common rookies and don't get me wrong there is a bunch of set filler rookies but also a bunch of SP's and a few $6-$10 Rookies..I will be adding more tonight so take a peek now if you'd like but this only a small portion of the lot
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