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Full Version: Come trade with me!
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I just love to trade. If there is something you like, let me know. I really like HOF and big star autos, game used. God Bless!
Thanks for all the trades everybody. There is still plenty more if others want to get inb on it!!!!
Open offer sent!
We have made some great trades. Still more time before the weekend is over. I give a premium to those who want to trade your baseball for my football or Basketball.
Offer sent...!
Plenty more here. I just added some.
I sent an offer offer for a few small Rangers cards I could use. But you canceled before even sending it back. What's the deal?
crazy- It was a mistake. A slip of the hand. You can send again if you want. Sorry.
Open offer sent! Would love to trade for the Ozzie's, hope we can work something out. Thanks!
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