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Thought I would show off and see if anyone has any that I may not, kind of doubt it but worth a shot, also looking for rarer cards, I don't mind doubles, triples and in the case of SP Authentic 30+

[Image: KennyIronsBowmanChromeRainbow.jpg]
Help me find the super....

[Image: IronsLettermen.jpg]
Missing some letters....

[Image: EliteRainbow.jpg]
Who went to the National in 2007, missing the Red one.....

[Image: IronsNTBengalsPatch1of1.jpg]
And of course, always looking for 1 of 1s
That's one hell of a collection all right.
Incredible collection! You should be very proud!! I love looking at single player collections & your's is a beauty!
Thanks guys, 5 years and going strong, here are some numbers on what I have so far:

1122 Total Cards
617 Different Cards
68.71% of all cards
84.90% of all cards minus 1/1's most of which are plates
38 1 of 1 cards
63 different cards number /2-/10, have doubles of alot of them
$18,246.05 Total Book Value
154 cards too rare to price
Very nice collection, love seeing the OCD.
Very nice as always!
Awesome collection! Congrats!
(10-28-2012 05:13 PM)tigerkal1993 Wrote: [ -> ]Awesome collection! Congrats!

Sick collection! I have a dual SOTT auto w his brother if you are interested. Not in my org, but easy to add if you would like. PM me if interested. ALWAYS looking for Cedric Benson. Congrats and good luck the SUPER collection!
Great collection...for a War Tiger.
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