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I am nowhere near finished adding cards to my collection but feel free to look at what I have so far. Anything interest you hit me up!
Make sure you are marking the cards for trade with a quantity of 1 in both your haves and for trade. Nothing is showing up. Make sure your collection is marked public as well.

I can see that you have 283 cards in your organize but you need to mark them for trade.
Didn't see anything yet but let me know if you have any Eduardo Nunez. Thanks.
i updated my collection so that it shows up now... i still have way more to put in!!
Welcome to the club! Most of us are friendly, helpful, and respectful to newcomers. Just so there's no confusion I'm not one of them. Smile
Ive been a member for years.. When they redid the website I unsubscribed until they got all the kinks taken care of. I stopped collecting but I'm back and wating to make deals. I recently moved to Los Angeles and have thousands of cards back home in NY. Im working on bringing them over. In the mean time, I will input what I have. It just takes time. But thanks for the welcome!
Welcome, if you have any Jeter, Kershaw, Ethier and Kemp let me know.
I am looking for Jesus Montero and Matt Moore if you have any.
I do have some Jeters, I just need to add them to my organize..

(10-26-2012 09:52 PM)totally sports Wrote: [ -> ]Welcome, if you have any Jeter, Kershaw, Ethier and Kemp let me know.
Check me if you like - maybe we can work something out.
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