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How would I tell if they're Fact or not? I have a few that are Fact and I don't know about the ones that aren't. What should I do?
Edit: Forgot to say that I got them all together, like in 1 box.
I wish I knew what the question was. Please, someone? I'd love to know too.
You know the 1990 Pro Set Cincinnatti Fact Cards? How would I tell if my cards are Pro Set Cincinnatti Fact Cards?
Oh, and, I'm just messing with you - don't take offense.

Seriously - collect what you like. Hometown team - the loser you always felt bad for, etc...

Seriously - everyone has that one player they collect that didn't amount to squat, but they met them once when they were in elementary school. Yeah - that's someone on this boards...

ALSO - spend two minutes and read the TOS so you don't get suspended for anything.
I am not sure. But I do know it is spelled Cincinnati.
What did this guy do to get these replies?
I have the Howie Long version of these cards. Here are scans of the front and back to show the differences. The top cards are the Cincinnati cards and the bottom cards are the Pro Set base. Hope this helps.
[Image: 1990factprosetcin.jpg]
[Image: 1990factprosetcinback.jpg]

[Image: 1990Proset351.jpg]
[Image: 1990factprosetback.jpg]
The Cincinnati cards have a multiple choice question on the back, as they were issued for students to learn from... the regular Pro Sets have a paragraph dedicated to the player's bio.... LMK if you have the Cinci Marino. Thanks!
If you have the above Howie Long Cincinnati I would be very keen!
(10-25-2012 10:12 PM)mkufta Wrote: [ -> ]What did this guy do to get these replies?

I was replying to the wrong thread of his - he posted something about who to collect and how to get rid of his old cards...
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