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I am putting this set together and wanted to share my progress. Here it is.

[Image: 10-25-201234905PM.jpg]
[Image: 10-25-201235045PM.jpg]
[Image: 10-25-201235228PM.jpg]
[Image: 10-25-201235414PM.jpg]
Looking good man!
Thanks man, now time to pickup the "big" names.
Been watching your additions when you post them, but seeing them together like this is awesome. Can't wait to see them all together when the set is complete. Good luck picking up the rest.
Pick up the cam now. Prices won't be lower. Nice set! I still need to get me a Julio.
It's a very minimally designed card - that's what I love about the design. Not too much going to to distract from the auto, great pic of the athlete and the swatches.
Lookin' good Scott!!!!
that is one good looking set there.
Thanks everyone. I like this set alot, clean design and on card autos
nice progress. i have the green if interested
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