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I had messaged him the other day to see about a trade for two DeCastros autos he showed off in his box breaks. Well I recieved a little package from him the other day. Was not expecting it.

[Image: IMG.jpg]
DeCastro R/S auto/999

[Image: IMG_0001.jpg]
Ward Epix prime/50, Plates&Patches/249

Thanks a ton for the 6 PC cards and the Troy jersey card. There were additional Steelers parallels included, just didnt scan them.
Awesome freebie package. Way to be awesome, cybertrenz!!!
Awesome stuff!
Anytime helping out fellow collectors whenever I can.....probably look better next to those other Steelers than my raiders
Wow very cool of you cyber.
Way to go Cybertrenz02!! Some sweet cards!
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