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Full Version: 07 Artifacts
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Walmart had these for 58 bucks, so decided to give um a try. Not terrible!

Juan Salas
Justin Hampson
Andrew Miller
Philip Humber
Jeff Salazar
Ryan Sweeney
Troy Tulowitzki
Delmon Young
Jeff Fiorentino
Juan Perez
Andy Cannizaro
Brian Stokes

Divisional Artifacts /199
Jim Edmonds

Artifact Apparel /199
Curt Schilling

Antiquity Artifacts /199
Garrett Atkis w/pinstripe

Johnny Estrada

I don't think I did too terrible, probably could've done a lot worse lol
Nice shciling
yep, it was a fun little break
Not bad. It's fun opening wax from a few years ago.
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