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I love the product, but after 4 boxes, I have to be done....

New Generation
257-Case Keenum 407/999
259-Chandler Jones 716/999
310-Vick Ballard 332/999

155-Bernie Kosar 558/999
167-Darren Woodson 343/999
183-Jamal Lewis 826/999

Mirror Red
103-Devin Hester 201/250
124-Jonathan Stewart 057/250
160-Bruce Matthews 082/250
185-Jim Kelly 172/250

Mirror Blue
137-Daryl Washington 036/100

Mirror Gold
267-Devon Wylie RC 05/25

Pierre Thomas Fabric of the Game Jersey 060/199

[Image: scan0050.jpg]

Wes Welker Mirror Red Jersey 011/115

[Image: scan0052.jpg]

Nick Foles Certified Rookie Materials 007/299

[Image: scan0054.jpg]

Ronnie Hillman Certified Skills Jersey 217/299

[Image: scan0038.jpg]

Jarius Wright Certified Skills Patch 08/49

[Image: scan0031.jpg]

My 3rd redemption out of four boxes.... Sad

A.J. Jenkins Freshman Fabric Redemption

[Image: scan0039.jpg]

Cyrus Gray Mirror Red 034/350 (Oh Wendy......)

[Image: scan0049.jpg]

Jarius Wright Freshman Fabric 399/499

[Image: scan0053.jpg]
I would definitely be done with it after those two boxes. Could always be worse I guess. Lol lets see how long it takes for Wendy to come see the 034.
Wendy will be in a quandary over that one....yes, it is numbered 34/XX.

But it's of an agg.
like the welker
Sweet pull for Wendy, Mr. 264! Tongue
Ouch. I usually like Certified, but it looks absolutely brutal this year.
Yeah. This years certified looks bad. Haven't bought a box yet.
check me for the Jenkins redemption.
Concur with everyone else... 2012 cards in general seem to be disappointing.
(10-23-2012 08:43 PM)sensei322 Wrote: [ -> ]Wendy will be in a quandary over that one....yes, it is numbered 34/XX.

But it's of an agg.

At least he's in the pro jersey. Wink Helps to hide that garbage maroon color!!

Thanks Mr. 264, but I'd rather you got something decent. Bleck on those boxes.
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