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Well I was lucky enough to win a monthly drawing at my LCS. This months prize was a box of Dominion. Needless to say I was thrilled when I found out I won it because I'm sure I couldn't afford it. On to the cards

[Image: img519.jpg]
Stamkos Base

[Image: img518.jpg]
Whitney Emerald Base /5

[Image: img521.jpg]
Irving RC /199

[Image: img523.jpg]
Voynov Mammoth Materials

[Image: img524.jpg]
Rundblad RPA /199 with sick patch

And the 3 big hits
[Image: img511.jpg]
Landeskog Jerseys Prime /25

[Image: img513.jpg]
Tavares Peerless Patch Auto /40

[Image: img510.jpg]
Brett Hull Jerseys Patches /10!!!!

Super happy with the break. The big 3 hits are on the auction site(need more $$$ for my Despres PC) everything else is for trade for Despres and other Pens.

Thanks for the look

Looks like you got your money back! LOL Big Grin Its always nice to get a FREE Box....even better when its a high end product like dominion!!! Congrats on the win and hopefully youll get some Nice Despres stuff for those!
Simply amazing break and superb win, Walt! Huge congrats, but it would have been even sweeter had there been a Halak in there for me! Big Grin

Nice stamkos
Very nice. Congrats on your win. Love that Voynov Mammoth Materials card. Let me know if you want to get rid of it.

wow congrats on winning and

those 3 hits are amazing
I would love that Tavares peerless. Please let me know if you see anything in my org.
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