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Looking to sell these. Prices are listed. I am open to trading for Stan Musial Autos and I could use a nice Jake Locker SPA Patch Auto.

Jackie Bradley Blue Ref Auto RC $170
[Image: BradleyJackieBCBlueAuto.jpg]

Matt Moore Auto RC $28
[Image: MooreMattBCAuto.jpg]

Roy Halladay Auto Jersey $40
[Image: HalladayRoyFinestAutoJsy-1.jpg]

Roy Halladay Auto $60
[Image: HalladayRoyTierAuto-1.jpg]

Josh Hamilton Auto Jersey $40
[Image: HamiltonJoshTributeJsyAuto.jpg]

Josh Hamilton Auto Jersey $50
[Image: HamiltonJoshTTTAutoBat.jpg]

Ken Griffey Jr. Auto $60
[Image: GriffeyKenJrAutoGold.jpg]

Oswaldo Arcia Gold Auto RC $40
[Image: AllenJaredToppsAuto.jpg]

Dustin Pedroia Auto Jsy $25
[Image: PedroiaDustinAutoJsy.jpg]

Dustin Pedroia Auto Jersey RC $50
[Image: PedroiaDustinSterlingAutoJsy.jpg]

Hunter Pence Auto RC $50
[Image: PenceHunterSPAutoRC.jpg]

Gaylord Perry Auto $10
[Image: PerryGaylodGreatsAuto.jpg]

Cal Ripken 4x Jersey Auto $100
[Image: RipkenCalQuadJsyAuto.jpg]

Jackie Robinson 2x Jersey $45
[Image: RobinsonJackieTributeJsy.jpg]

Red Schoendienst Auto Jsy $35
[Image: SchoendienstRedTTTAutoJsy-1.jpg]

Enos Slaughter Auto $30
[Image: SlaughterEnosToppsAutoRC.jpg]

Frank Thomas 3x Jersey Auto $55
[Image: ThomasFrankJsyAuto.jpg]

Frank Thomas Jersey Auto $50
[Image: ThomasFrankTTAutoJsy.jpg]

Mark Trumbo Auto $25
[Image: TrumboMarkTierOneAuto.jpg]

Joey Votto Auto RC $22
[Image: VottoJoeyTristarAutoRC.jpg]

Yount/Ozzie Dual Auto $80
[Image: YountSmithDualAuto.jpg]

Braun/Holliday/Pence Platinum 1/1 Triple Patch $80
[Image: BraunPenceHollidayTTT1of1-1.jpg]

Miguel Cabrera Foldout Prime Patch (Has some corner/edge wear) $18
[Image: CabreraMiguelBookletPatch.jpg]

Aroldis Chapman Auto RC $20
[Image: ChapmanAroldisGinterAuto.jpg]

Matt Kemp Auto Jsy /25 $40
[Image: KempMattUDJsyAuto.jpg]

Johnny Cueto Auto RC $20
[Image: CuetoJohnnyAutoRC.jpg]

Joe Dimaggio Jersey Pinstripe $65
[Image: DimaggioJoeEpicJsy.jpg]

Jacoby Ellsbury Auto Jsy RC $50
[Image: EllsburyJacobySterlingAuto.jpg]

Jake McGee Blue Auto RC $10
[Image: McGeeJakeBCBlueAuto.jpg]

Mantle Bat $75
[Image: MantleMickeyToppsBat.jpg]

David Wright Gold Jsy Auto $45
[Image: WrightDavidGoldAutoJsy.jpg]

Ted Williams Jsy 2x $40
[Image: WilliamsTedAmericanaJsy.jpg]

Mantle Bat $50
[Image: MantleMickeyTTTGoldBat.jpg]

Mantle Bat $50
[Image: MantleMickeyTTTRedBat.jpg]

Chris Sale Auto RC $20
[Image: SaleChrisSterlingAuto.jpg]

Freddie Freeman Blue Auto RC $110
[Image: FreemanFreddieBCBlueAuto-1.jpg]

Jared Allen Auto $40
[Image: AllenJaredToppsAuto.jpg]

Polamalu Auto $140
[Image: PolamaluTroyGoldAuto.jpg]

Dez Bryant Auto RC $65
[Image: BryantDezContAuto.jpg]

Mark Sanchez Letter Auto RC $65
[Image: SanchezMarkLetterAuto.jpg]

Locker/Ponder/Gabbert/Dalton Quad Jsy RC $12
[Image: DaltonPonderGabbertLockerQuad.jpg]

Rob Gronkowski Auto Patch Jumbo /15 RC $120
[Image: GronkowskiRobJumboAuto.jpg]

Drew Brees Prime Patch /25 $20
[Image: BreesDrewLCMFOTGPatch.jpg]

Stevan Ridley Patch 4 Color Auto RC $35
[Image: RidleyStevanAutoPatchb.jpg]

Matt Ryan Auto Patch RC $120 ea
[Image: RyanMattLimitedAutoPatch.jpg]
[Image: RyanMattLimitedAutoPatchb.jpg]

Antonio Brown Auto RC $15
[Image: BrownAntonioPPAuto.jpg]

Devin Hester Auto RC $30
[Image: HesterDevinContAuto.jpg]

Steven Jackson Auto Jsy RC $35
[Image: JacksonStevenSpxAutoJsy-1.jpg]

Greg Jennings Contenders Auto PSA 9 RC $40
[Image: JenningsGregContAuto.jpg]

Greg Jennings Ultimate Auto RC BGS 8.5 $45
[Image: JenningsGregUltAutorc.jpg]

Julio Jones Auto Patch $150 RC
[Image: JonesJulioInceptionAuto.jpg]

Chris Johnson Topps Chrome Auto RC $40
[Image: JohnsonChrisToppsChromeAuto.jpg]

Cam Newton 2x Prime RC $30
[Image: NewtonCamNTDualPatch.jpg]

Chris Johnson Auto Jsy RC $50
[Image: JohnsonChrisSterlingJsyAuto.jpg]

Eric Berry Gold Quad Auto RC $65
[Image: BerryEricMirrorGoldAuto.jpg]

Marques Colston Auto $20
[Image: ColstonMarques5StarAuto.jpg]

Michael Crabtree Patch 4 Color Auto RC $90
[Image: CrabtreeMichaelSPAPatchAuto.jpg]

Roger Craig 4x Jersey Auto $30
[Image: CraigRogerQuadAuto.jpg]

Victor Cruz Auto RC $65
[Image: CruzVictorPPAutoRC.jpg]

Jake Locker Auto /25 RC $40
[Image: LockerJakePPAuto-1.jpg]

Jake Locker Auto RC $40
[Image: LockerJakeUltimateAuto.jpg]

Peyton Manning Blue Auto $100
[Image: ManningPeytonSPAuto.jpg]

Peyton Manning Auto Jersey $105
[Image: ManningPeytonUDReflectionsAuto.jpg]

Peyton Manning 3x Jersey Auto $120
[Image: ManningPeytonTripleJsyAuto.jpg]

Eli Manning/Holmes Dual Auto /25 $80
[Image: ManningHolmesDualAuto.jpg]

Jeremy Maclin Auto Patch 3 Color RC $65
[Image: MaclinJeremyExqAuto.jpg]

Jamaal Charles Auto Patch Silver RC $320
[Image: CharlesJamaalExqAutoPatch.jpg]

Sam Bradford Auto Patch RC $100
[Image: BradfordSamFinestAutoPatch.jpg]

Sam Bradford Auto RC $50
[Image: BradfordSamPPAuto.jpg]

Don Meredith Auto $90
[Image: MeredithDonContAuto.jpg]

Brandon Marshall Auto RC $20
[Image: MarshallBrandonSSAuto.jpg]

Alex Green 2x Patch Auto RC $20
[Image: GreenAlexNTAutoPatch.jpg]

Rob Gronkowski Auto RC $40
[Image: GronkowskiRobCrownRoyaleAuto.jpg]

Torrey Smith Patch 3 Color Auto $40
[Image: SmithTorreySPAAuto.jpg]

Mike Wallace SP Auto RC $80
[Image: WallaceMikeContAutoRC.jpg]

Michael Vick Ball Auto $40
[Image: VickMichaelSSAuto.jpg]

Emmanuel Sanders Exquisite Quad RC (Has corner/edge wear) $12
[Image: WilliamsTedAmericanaJsy.jpg]

Joe Theissman Auto Gold $40
[Image: TheismannJoeUDBlackAuto.jpg]

Bart Starr Auto $130
[Image: StarrBartNTAuto.jpg]

Demaryius Thomas Auto Patch RC $25
[Image: ThomasDemaryiusPPAutoPatch.jpg]

Michael Vick Auto 3x Jersey Book $65
[Image: VickMichaelFivestarAuto.jpg]

Von Miller Auto Ultimate RC $30
[Image: MillerVonUltAuto.jpg]

Warren Moon Auto Patch $40
[Image: MoonWarrenLimitedAuto.jpg]
I am also working on totally updating my org. Just deleted everything to clean it out and am going through and putting all my trade stuff back in there as well.
Anyone today?
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Greg Jennings Contenders AUto is gone and the Von Miller Ultimate Auto is pending.
I'd love a crack at the Votto and other Reds cards. Also that Griffey auto. PM me. Thx.
The only cards I like were either WAY too much, or Joey Votto. Wink
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Jeremy Maclin Exquisite, Steven Jackson SPx, Yount/Ozzie Dual Auto, Roger Craig Quad Jsy Auto, Hester Contenders Auto, and the Emmanuel Sanders Quad are gone, anyone else?
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