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Full Version: Buyers Beware
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There is a LeBron James retro buyback that should be ending on the 24th on eBay. I could be mistaken but I doubt it. This is a brand new product so there shouldn't be any buybacks for this product. LeBron already has a base version of this card autographed so there would not be a need for UD to buyback any of these so they could get hime to sign it, lol. I don't want to put the link up nor do I want to call out the sellers name, but the listing is:
Lebron James 11 Fleer Retro Buyback Buyback Auto 1/1 RC College Unpriced Rare (listing: 170928651652).
Unless it's a buyback from UD's 2003-04 SP top Prospects?
(10-22-2012 05:24 PM)taffster74 Wrote: [ -> ]Unless it's a buyback from UD's 2003-04 SP top Prospects?

It's the base retro card from the new set.
Hmmmm.... unless the seller is just listing it wrong. Either that, or upper deck is up to it's usual shadiness.....
The seller is from the Philippines. I can't put this on UD. It's kind of hard to receive a buyback of a card which just came out from a brand new product. Buybacks are normally older cards that are placed in a new product. There is no COA or anything to validate the auto, IJS BEWARE, lol.
Looks pretty shady to me.
doesn't even look remotely real
I've never seen LeBum sign so big like that on a regular basketball card, something seems fishy to me. At first glance, I thought that was a Kevin Durant auto too, lol
That must be Lebron's auto... it has his picture on the card....

don't know why the seller lists the card as a "buyback"... also.. I would think the seller would list the year better than just putting "11".... then puts "unpriced" in the header... every collector would know it is a rare card because of the "1/1"

Anybody email the seller & ask for a picture of the back of card?

If you look at the bidders, most have bid retractions or low amount of transactions..
Seller has very low feedback score... I would say at least 96+ % would be good.. because I know everybody makes a mistake or has problems with transactions.. low number would mean low number of total transactions... but if you read this seller's feedback... a lot mentions his rude comments & terrible customer service... I would stay away from him!!

Here is one of the guys that bid on the item mentioned in OP.... This guy is a scammer... check out his feedback: when_82
got an email from the seller, when I asked about a COA or if the card says "Ceritified auto" on the back... seller replies, " was pack pulled so no COA..." didn't answer any of my other questions..

Beckett only shows two versions of this card: (base & auto versions)
2011-12 Fleer Retro #2 LeBron James
2011-12 Fleer Retro Autographs #2 LeBron James

Fleer Retro has 10 different Lebron autos.. none are 1/1

I can understand the seller being misleading & calling it a "buyback"... I see a lot of people put misleading description headers to try to get the auction to show up in various searches...
i.e. If you have a 2006-07 Jambalaya Jordan... you might put "RETRO" in the description header to get it to show up when people search for RETRO Michael Jordan... Or people put 1/1, even though the card is not a 1/1 card....

I left a comment on UD's Facebook page... regarding this card....
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