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Slater Martin passed away last Thursday... Rest in Peace.

I was unaware of his passing. I haven't been keeping up with basketball that much in recently weeks.. I was surprised that my Chronology "letter auto" sold for 3 times BV a few days ago... I didn't want to really sell it, but since I threw it up with a huge price. somebody bought it.. I still have three more letters...

NBA Press Release:
Alumni page:

Show off your Slater Martin cards....

here is the card I sold..

I just received a Letter "A"... & got to look for the other one I have.. forgot which letter it was.. scans of my other S.Martin cards coming soon...

[Image: news_121019_martin_650.jpg]
I saw the news a few days ago and spent the next hour or two reading about his life and career. He was a very tough player, arguably the best defensive point guard of his era (some say the best defensive point guard ever), a good passer, but a poor shooter. More than anything though, he was a winner.

I owned this card but sold it a few months ago.

[Image: IMG_8310-1.jpg]
Thanks for sharing. I have one of those cards.. I haven't got around to scanning it yet... I got about 50+ cards to scan for my collection... but I been putting it off... been busy in the last 4 weeks... hoping things slow down, so I can spend more time on my collection & other hobbies.. also, want to take a mini vacation...

I did the same last night... read up on Slater Martin.. I didn't know who he was until I pulled his Chronology painted card.. I loved that card!! I almost skipped over him, when I pulled it form a pack.. because he was an unknown player to me at the time...

I want to go through the Lakers all-time roster & see what other cards & autos are out there of the Old School Players.. I just received a Dick Schnittker Topps Fan Favorite auto today.. good price too! especially, since he only has two certified autograph cards... I got to read about him & Bob Leonard next...
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