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Well been a spell since I grabbed a box and on my way back from a dinner with my wife's family we had to stop at a Fred Meyer and grab a few things for the house and decided to try my luck. Really glad I did.

[Image: 010-14.jpg]

And my best hit to date from a retail $20 box. Odds are 1 in 6400 for the blue refractor patch autos. And will look SWEET in the multi color PC

[Image: 009-17.jpg]

Thanks for looking.
Great hit buddy! Orange sherbet too!
Sweet hit on the Martin! Topps seems to have a bunch of sweet hits in most of their blasters!
That's an awesome hit! Seems to be more lucky with the blaster boxes than anything else. Most folks get the gravity box hit packs and such from pack searching. Whatever to that, but I have found better luck with the blaster boxes.

Fred Meyer's huh, sounds like your a PNW folk type as well. LOL
Thank you Gonzo and detter. gjhobbs- yes I am in the PNW. Washington state.
I made a quick wal-mart run earlier tonight and almost picked one of these up. Kinda glad I didn't cause clearly the hit wasn't in there :-P Well done, congrats!
Sweet Hit!!!! Congrats!!!
Hey, is that LMJ for trade Wink
(10-21-2012 10:26 PM)mrgonzodad Wrote: [ -> ]Great hit buddy! Orange sherbet too!

Second that! Love the old-school Bucs colors!
Some great creamsicle love there!!
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